Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence – That Works – Is An Art That We’ve Perfected

Creating business dashboards and KPI’s that actually work and are used by your team is hard.

Over the years we have gotten very good at it. That let’s us help you overcome the hurdles and disappointment that are often part of these business tools.

An ineffective or poorly-developed set of KPI’s and Dashboard is simply worse than having no KPI’s or Dashboard.

The problem is that a lot of the commonly passed around information about creating and using KPI’s and Dashboards is damaging in several ways.

There is no such thing as a “standard” set of KPI’s and by corollary there is no such thing as a “standard” Dashboard.  At least, that is, if you want your KPI’s and Dashboard to actually drive better, more consistent, and more dependable performance.

Our approach is a detailed four-step process that considers:

  • Your current data sources, accuracy, modality, and frequency;
  • Your existing business model;
  • The financial targets that mesh with your strategic plan and targets; and
  • The most effective and efficient ways to connect your current business model with that demanded by your strategic targets

By following our repeatable process you will end up with dynamic, intimate, effective, and motivating KPI’s that drive the performance you want and need.  And that results in an amazing Dashboard that you and your team can rely on and use to perform better.