Think Like An Oyster – Thrive Like A Top Predator

Every business has them.

In fact, every business has lots of them.

What are they?

Those small, nagging things that continue to bug and annoy you, your team, and your customers. At least until something is done about them.

These irritations exist because every business is simply a set of systems and actions, being done by a group of people.

And anytime you have “people” doing “things”, you’re going to have areas of weakness. These areas of weakness create huge opportunities to create massive results and improvements in your business.

Small Things

These weaknesses are usually “small things”. But like a grain of sand inside an oyster, they chafe, rub, and irritate unless something is done about them.

An oyster creates a pearl around the sand, and turns the irritation into a gem.

With a little effort, you can do the same thing in your business.

By identifying linking your strategic targets to your current business model, and analyzing the people and their activities that will move your business toward connecting those two things you can make some SMALL changes that create your own gems.

The Problem

The problem many times is pinpointing what the “grains of sand” are in your business.

The easiest way to specifically identify them is being in tune to your feelings, and those of your team. Pay attention to things that your “gut” tells you just aren’t working as smoothly as they could.

Pay attention to those little frustrations that keep popping up. The chances are really good that they keep bothering you and your team because a “grain of sand” is causing irritation.


Ask your team members and customers to identify those things that annoy them.

You will quickly uncover several irritations. They key is for you to get active trying to test different ways to eliminate them.

Don’t just “put up” with them. Acknowledge them, and start turning them into “pearls.”

By consistently looking for these irritations, and trying new ways to eliminate them, you will begin to produce some very valuable “pearls” in your business.