Three Out Of Four…IS BAD! (when it comes to your customers, that is)

Customers are the lifeblood of your business.  Any business, really. And if you have lots of customers, that’s a good thing.  Or many business owners allow themselves to get lulled into believing. But that belief simply isn’t an accurate one for most businesses. Studies have been done many times over the years.  And the consistent […]

A Python, A Tree Trunk, And MVT’s (what the heck is that?)

In many companies a lot of time and energy ends up being consumed by needless debates caused by “multi-varied truths” (MVT). What’s an MVT? An MVT is a conclusion, or position, based on a set of data or information that, when taken from a myopic perspective, is true.  Yet when that same conclusion or position […]

Hug The Ugh! 4 Data Flaws Your Company Has And How To LOVE Them!

If you have ever tried to do a data project, business model, KPI project, dashboard, or any other project that involves using data from your company you have had to deal with data flaws. Studies have shown that roughly 60% of data projects fail. Why is that? These failures are caused by data flaws. Our […]

Big Data – Big Disappointment

You would have an incredibly difficult time finding a small to mid-sized business owner who hasn’t heard some of the hype around the “big data” trend. It seems to be in the media daily and lures the unsuspecting business owner or manager with its almost mystical sounding promise. The reality, however, is that “big data” […]

Think Like An Oyster – Thrive Like A Top Predator

Every business has them. In fact, every business has lots of them. What are they? Those small, nagging things that continue to bug and annoy you, your team, and your customers. At least until something is done about them. These irritations exist because every business is simply a set of systems and actions, being done […]

Are You Relying On BAD Profits?

Increasing competition and challenging economic conditions seem to be “the new normal” in every industry and business. Often, there is an assumption that this new reality is a bad thing. History Teaches… History has shown us, time and time again that businesses can start, grow, and thrive in any economic environment.  There is always room […]