Geek Out Where Where It Matters...

Skip The Spreadsheets and Manual Drudgery

Our software connects the correct data points from the millions of possibilities saving the you the time, hassle, and potential error of relying on spreadsheets to gain insight.

Leverage Your Data - From Multiple Sources

Our software combs through the relevant data points from multiple sources and combines them in the correct way to drive better insight.

Focus on USING Your Data instead of GETTING Data

The only reason to gather and analyze data is to USE it.  Our service and software frees you from the time-drain of doing analysis and frees you focus on using it to take action that drives your business better.


Easy Analytics For MORE SALES

Easy Insight Into Your Customers' Behavior

One of the best predictors of future sales patterns is the past behavior for each of your customers.  Our service makes this easy for your by allowing you to segment all your customers into 4 different categories - picking whatever date range you want.  All with a few clicks of your mouse..

Serve Up Hot Leads To Your Sales Team

Our software serves up a concise list of hot leads to your sales team by quickly identifying which customers are prime to purchase something else from your company.  Naturally, it's up to you and  your sales team to close 'em out.


Identify Opportunities And Quash Fires Before They Start

Instantly See Where The Opportunities Are -Without Poring Over Multiple Reports

Every data system has built-in reports.  The problem is that all those reports leave it to you and your team to make sense of all the data that's hidden amongst them all.  That takes time that SHOULD be spent actually taking action on the information that matters.


Flexible Reporting Based On Target Sales Mix

Want to know who should be buying MORE of something based on your target sales mix?  A few clicks and you can effortlessly identify who should be buying more of what.